Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Im following the trend...

...of all my F*A*B* mommas from Cafemom!

I have decided to start a blog, yipee! Well I am a 21 year old, determined, loving Mother of a 13 month old princess, Jalisa Jade!! I am an a ffectionate, hardworking, heartfelt Lover of a 22 year old man, John! Jalisa and John are my EVERYTHING, my life, my soul, my hardwork is put towards them first, and then comes everything else in my life! I am blessed to have my family and friends close and only a phone call away. I have 3 siblings that are all teenage boys. My eldest is my brother, Stephen who is 18 and resides with my biological father, and step-mother in Oklahoma, My other 2 brothers (my mom and step-dad's sons) are J.d.; 18 in two weeks, and A.J.; 16. They live here in Houston only 30 minutes from me...they are also my life!!!

I am a hard-worker (which i have now mentioned 3 times) at a company in Spring, TX where I sell Satellite Internet and Television, and I also do the accounting for my boss's 3 companies he runs in the Marketing field! I love my job and my life, nothing makes me more happy than knowing everything I own, I have worked my tail off for!

A couple of things that bother me is fake people, "know-it-alls", and rude, inconsiderate people!
I can't stand someone who is so overly happy that they seem so fake, it just makes me uncomfortable. If you know everything, or think you know everything, don't force your opinions or knowledge on me unless I ask for it, to me its just rude. AND If you are rude to me and inconsiderate of my feelings, don't expect me to take it, I will let you know in a heartbeat how you've hurt my feelings or have pissed me off! Other than that, I am a really easy-going person and for the most part, down-to-earth. I am a BIG people person! I love talking to people in person, on-line, on the phone, etc...

I am also very diverse, completely color blind and open to try MOST things at least once if it's not against my morals! I have strong faith in the Lord, although I do not attend church, and I do cuss a lot...I don't make myself out to be perfect because I know I'm not.

John and I are not married even though I want nothing more for our relationship than to further it with vows, and eventually another child so that Jalisa Jade could have a sibling. We have been going strong for almost 5 years (november 2nd) and I could not dream, nor ask for anything else in a man.

My life changed for the best when I found out I was going to be a mom, I was only 19 when I found out and to tell you the truth, I did not become the least bit scared about it! I knew God would bless me with a Princess that would just make me the happiest person alive. I knew I was in good hands with John at the time of realizing we were going to be parents, he didn't have to tell me and I didn't have to ask, i knew he was going to be a wonderful Dad and be all he could be for his family!
Life is great as long as you don't concentrate on all the negative aspects of it all the time!!!!!!!!


Ashley said...

You are so awesome, Val! I love the person you are...good job :)

The Beard Family of 5 said...

Welcome to blogging!! Great first post!!!

Mari Sins said...

I am your new stalker! w00t! Welcome to blogging... and boooo you have that word verification thingie set up! BOOOOOOO.... i NEVER get those on the first try!

Nicknessaemma said...

Yay for blogs! Great job, sounds like you have a great life. Jalisa is precious!